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Laminate samples Lonsdale Flooring in North Vancouver

Flooring Installation

Need a residential or commercial flooring installation?

Flooring installation is the final step in your flooring project, taking the materials you picked and turning them into the floors of your dreams. So it only makes sense to find out more about the process and the professionals providing the service. Here's some important information about the installation procedures for your home or business.


A flooring installation service you can count on

Some floor coverings offer quick and easy installations that will have you up and running in no time. Laminate, luxury vinyl, and sheet vinyl fall into this category and can be installed quickly. This can be extremely beneficial for businesses, especially since your business will not have to be closed for extensive installation times.

Other materials, such as carpet and solid hardwood require more precision, special tools, and more time for the perfect installation. Our technicians have all the expertise and most up-to-date tools to ensure that these floor coverings are installed to perfection every time. You'll be rewarded with the flooring you'll love for many years into the future.


Visit Our North Vancouver Store for Your Flooring Installation Needs

We know that a flooring investment is a big deal, even if you're only flooring a single room in your home. You've spent lots of time researching and finally purchased a high-quality floor covering, and professional installation can work towards protecting that investment for years to come. What's more, for some specific brands, a professional installation can also ensure that your warranty is not voided due to improper installation.

You'll also enjoy perfect peace of mind with experienced technicians at the helm of your flooring installation. The flooring process can be stressful enough without adding worries about this step to the process. We'll make sure that your flooring is correctly installed and that you have a chance to view the finished results before we finish. For even more information on this vital service, be sure to visit us when you're in the area.

At Lonsdale Flooring, we are proud to serve the residents of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Squamish, and Coquitlam with excellent materials and services for all your flooring needs, all from our North Vancouver, British Columbia showroom. Our in-house install team has over ten years of experience. Be sure to visit us at your convenience to find out how we can get right to work on your flooring project, no matter how large or small. We'll make sure you get the installation service you deserve.

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